Blenders of Traditional Oil and Grease for Industry, Consumers and Resellers



As we enter our 15th year in 2015 the Green Velvet product line has expanded and matured to become the largest line of lubricants exclusively formulated, blended and marketed to the heritage and vintage engine and machinery community. If your old machine was built before 1950 we probably offer at least one traditional lubricant that it used in its heyday!


Prior to World War II one of the best greases for open bearing lubrication was “fiber grease” made with sodium (tallow) soaps. These types of grease were known as soda greases and they varied in consistency from the common, every day #2 grease for chassis and grease cups to block greases that were hard as bricks and used in heavy bearings like steam locomotive rods and axle bearings.

After a long development period we have brought back soda greases for the benefit of all operators of open bearing machinery. Soda grease has many benefits, but the main advantage is that it won’t pound out or sling out of open bearings. It stays in the bearing to do its job. Excess amounts form “grease collars” around the edges of the bearings and keep dirt and grit from migrating into the bearing. Sodium soaps are soluble in water which is bad in sealed bearings. But, in open bearings the grease tends to absorb water and keep it away from the journals and bearings. It is easily cleaned from machinery with soap and water, pressure washing or steam cleaning. Unlike lithium greases which are not water soluble, it completely disappears.

Our soda greases use the popular PB&J oils as the base lubricant. These are tackified oils so our soda greases have the rust prevention benefits of the PB&J lubricants. Our soda greases are quite simply PB&J in a tube! Check out the grease page to see our NLGI grades #2 #3 and #5 greases. We are confident your grease consumption will be much lower and your old machine will be much cleaner when you switch over.


In an effort to reduce shipping and handling costs we have started a partnership with FedEX Ground. All our products are now shipped via FedEX at discounted rates. Our valued customers now pay up to 30% less for shipping and handling.


To further reduce shipping and handling costs we are now offering multiple container cartons that include (6) quart bottle cartons, (12) quart bottle cartons, (2) one gallon bottles and (3) one gallon bottles. The shipping and handling costs for (12) quart bottles is down to just $1.92 per bottle. This represents a whopping 86% reduction in shipping and handling costs per bottle! Multiple container shipping allows groups and organizations a path to cost reduction when multiple bottles are needed at a single destination.


Our efforts to find retail outlets for Green Velvet products last year was met with the realization we need a bigger, more robust market for these products. The FedEX Ground partnership and multiple container shipping are two features that allow us to build better sales through lower costs in our direct sales model at the online store. We also are asking all customers to please refer new users to us. Every new member of the Green Velvet family represents one more step forward toward lower oil prices and the day when retail fleet and farm stores are willing to carry Green Velvet products.

Word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied users are the best form of advertising. We appreciate our customer referrals and work hard to offer the best old machinery lubricants that can be made. Thank you for your interest in Green Velvet products!