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2014 is here and while entering our 14th year, and proud of our Green Velvet products, there are many changes at the Green Velvet oil dock! We value the great customers in our Green Velvet family and strive to provide outstanding products at a reasonable price.
If you have any questions or comments please contact Bill Petitjean @ 425-623-5925 or

PayPal connection Issues
Some customers were experiencing frustrating error messages when trying to order oil via PayPal. We have worked with PayPal support to identify the source of error messages and are now making the script changes needed to comply with the PayPal servers. The PayPal shopping cart buttons should work seamlessly now.

Website Update
We completely rebuilt the website from scratch. Our old trusted customers are able to order faster with less navigation. New customers will easily find the proper oil and be directed to email Bill Petitjean with their application questions.

NEW Soda Grease
We have just introduced a new #2 soda grease for open bearings that use grease instead of oil. Our #2 soda grease is the best open bearing lubricant because it is a 100 year old recipe whose time has come again. ..more...

Retail Distribution and Access
The Green Velvet line of oils is now up to about 20 different products. We sell these lubricants into a large diversity of markets for heritage machinery, agricultural machinery and industrial machinery. We are now taking steps to introduce the Green Velvet line to distribution/retail partners so our products will be available on retail shelves near our customer families across the country. Our goal is to make Green Velvet oils conveniently available off the shelf everywhere so you can buy your cylinder oil when you are making a trip to the store to buy shoe laces, etc. We have been working with our retail partners throughout the winter to make Green Velvet products much more widely available by the summer.