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GREEN VELVET UPDATES - 18 October 2015    visit Update Archive for previous update history.
As 2015 draws to a close Green Velvet Oils and Greases have come through some dramatic changes. Over the summer months we built an entirely new blending, bottling and shipping operation in Carnation, Washington near Seattle. This facility is still incomplete, but up and running. It gives us the ability to blend all our own oils for bottle and pail orders. Additionally, it enables us to custom manufacture our own soda greases which are no longer commonly manufactured elsewhere in the United States.

Our drum products are still manufactured and drop shipped from our contract blending partner near San Francisco, California. Their efficient operation and low shipping costs have helped us significantly increase our drum product volumes which, in turn have allowed us to reduce our drum prices to our valued customers. This volume increase and the lower cost basis of local sourcing, blending and bottling near Seattle has also allowed us to significantly reduce bottle and pails prices on all products. Check out our new, lower prices in the order page!

Our soda grease formulations and manufacturing techniques have continued to evolve over the summer months. We switched from our lard oil additive to tougher acidless tallow oil and changed the order of injecting additives to take better advantage of the natural temperature gradient during the soap making, blending and curing process. We also raised the initial temperature of the soap making process to obtain a faster soap reaction time. Finally, with manufacturing upgrades and efficiencies, we can now fill up to 120ea. 14 ounce cartridges per day.

The results of these changes are lower running temperatures in grease lubricated bearings, better resistance against water intrusion and improved high temperature performance. The soda greases are quite remarkable because they do not have the soft creamy texture commonly seen with lithium greases. Their fibrous nature creates a mottled, “dough” like consistency that is very tenacious and stiff. Yet, they provide superior lubrication thanks to the PB&J base oils that permeate the fibrous, stringy tallow soaps. Field feedback from users has been spectacular with one customer cutting his locomotive grease consumption in half. The #3 Semi-soft Soda Grease (PB&J223SO) has been characterized as “the best cup grease ever made”!
In an effort to generate more exposure and sales in this important region we have signed up Lund Machine Works of New Ulm, Minnesota to become a stocking dealer of Green Velvet Products.
Jeff is well known in the traction engine community and has repaired or replaced many traction engine boilers. His location and active attendance, at the many local shows, gives the customer a lower shipping cost benefit and access to his many years of machinery and lubrication experience.
Give Jeff a call at 507-276-6553 for oil, grease and other valuable services he provides.

Brennan Oil Company in Durango, Colorado has become a stocking reseller and now supplies the large narrow gauge steam railroads in Colorado and New Mexico with Green Velvet products.
All Green Velvet products are available to you through Brennan., We are recomending our southwest customers contact them for cost effective pricing and lower shipping costs.
Brennan Oil is currently stocking drum products – primarily Sapon-A-Min1000 Green Velvet Compounded Dark Steam Cylinder Oil and PB&J100LC Green Velvet Pin, Bearing & Journal Oil.
Give Charlie Brennan and his staff a call at 970-247-3054.
We continue to get excellent pricing on shipping via FedEX Ground. But, we have found that most of our shipping to individuals is going to residential addresses. FedEX charges more for home delivery than for commercial ground delivery. We did not realize this when we established our original shipping and handling charges. Therefore, we have been forced to add approximately $2.00 to all shipping prices so we don’t lose money on home delivery orders.

The best way to save money on shipping and handling is to order multiple containers at lower unit shipping rates and to order larger container sizes that tend to further drive down, unit shipping costs.
To further economize on shipping costs, we have changed the minimum Online order to 2 Quarts.
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